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Mo Oshot Freestyle Anthology Part 2

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F R E E S T Y L E A N T H O L O G Y part 2

Remix Booba temps mort 2.0 Featuring Lino
starring Willaxx , Lino (Arsenik ) ,Sully Sefil, Laura Leda (Lfdv)

interpreted by Mo Oshot

produced by Mo Oshot x Jayc
thanks : radio Mouv, candy shop and more


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First off tell the major
Than i do what i want
And you cant tell me nothing
I say what i want
And fuck ur radiofreestyle
I ll spit if i want
Fuck ur quotas
i will use the language than i want
Fuck it .....
La plupart de tes rappeur reverais de faire ce que je fais
Mais bon je le fais deja et vu que je les baise cest mort
Cest mo donc baisse d un ton
Ok ....
they know the name.before the face
Put niggaz in their place before i catch a case
No time to waste so i hustle on.the daily basis
Feel kind of wasted
When americans elected a racist
Lets take back to basic
Slaver and immigration
They plund ours nation
And they talk bout.invasion
how you want to compromise when the violence is televise
Now realise and analyse that we are so far from paradise
In fact devil on the rise
Blood sacrifice
U will get your succes and hell will be ur entreprise
Da shit is real man
Like my bullet who will get.u paralyze
Da shit is real like my brother who sitting on 25
Oh yeah 25 year
They seems petrified then.. the crime if u aint really built to do the time then..
And we grew up on some ride or die shit
And take some risk for a maserati
Dont play me i am on a die shit
None of yall rapper and hater gonna fuckin stop me

I m on my oldshit a ovni in a spaceship
These new nigga get theirs nails done and theirs facelifted
This new A.k will tear ur torso and ur faceshifted
This freestyle aint shit
I wrote it on my night shift
Mic check one two
Bat (bat de baseball) Ou ma machette
400 mille en 1 jour
Et je les achevent
Rien a foutre de vos quotas mec cest la rue qui me paie
Et malgré tout vos porte fermer
c\'est internet je les bless
Quelque gram de C Ess dans le calbute mec
Jattend que la lune monte pour savoir quel client je vais check
On fais du cash avec des faux cheques
On confond pas un mec de rue avec un mec de tess